Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day... or, how I'm taking back MY country, dammit!

So, what does it mean to you? To many it means a 3 day weekend, the beginning of summer, or when they can start wearing those white shoes. There are many a barbecue today...

Today, I will fly our American flag outside our house. No, I don't agree with what is going on in Iraq and Afghanistan. And no, I don't agree most of the time with our government. I am not giving up the enduring symbols of MY country that easily. 

I was born and raised here. As a child, I spent my summers in middle America, going to church on Sundays and eating casseroles. I am bi-racial, and have felt the sting of that on occasion. I work in an extremely poor area and hear gunshots on a regular basis. I have experienced both good and bad as an American, here and abroad.

So today, I fly my flag. It, and everything it stands for, belongs to me. I ain't giving it up.