Sunday, June 29, 2008

There will be blood...

OK, well, maybe not blood. But there will be suffering to a certain extent. Heck, there already has been suffering. Example: It's after 2pm here and I've been switching between school work and house work (because I'm not willing to suffer through another moment of a messy kitchen.) My kids are still in their jammies and playing LEGOs in their room. OK, maybe that's not suffering, but here are some more examples of things we're all learning to endure right now:
  • the messy house- OK, admittedly, my house has never been neat, but let's just say it's reach a new high (or is that low) in dis-neat-ness. 
  • Mama just isn't fun anymore. Period. For anyone.
  • the resurgence of the 30 minute supper- if it takes longer than 30 minutes, it ain't on the menu; no more lasagna, unless it's Stouffer's. stoufferslasagna.jpg
  • piles o' laundry. Make that the Swiss Alps of laundry. "I know you've worn it the last two days, but all you got on it was a little bit of ice cream."
  • and something my kids are happy about: the use of TV as a study aid. 
Of course, there's my own "suffering". The things I used to enjoy I just can't. I was at a BBQ yesterday with interesting, fun people but every time I engaged in a conversation, my mind wandered to not Hawaii, not any tropical island, not even, dare I say it, KNITTING, but all the school work I had to do. Ugh. 

And I didn't even feel like having a beer.

Now that's suffering.

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