Monday, June 30, 2008


I'm on a really steep learning curve right now (steep like Lombard,contact.asp.jpg not steep like Hayes- that's just not steep enough in this case.) I've got several sets of learning going on:
  • how to be a grad student
  • how to fit being a grad student in the life of my family
  • how to get all this damn reading done (which I enjoy- high quality, just HIGH quantity, too) (high like Everest)
  • how to work with my group
Today I had evidence of how supported I am by my group in this learning- that their support not just buoys me but also spurs me on. And, if I've rushed through a reading simply because I didn't have the time to get it in depth, they really help me to grasp what I didn't at first. 

This really is a group effort, really.

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