Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Instead of a joiner...

Hi. My name is Laurie. And I'm a joiner.

I am admitting to you that I have an addiction to joining. If there's something going on, I have to be a part of it. Room mom? That's me! Need to find eight host families, pronto? I'm your girl! Team snack? Gotcha! 

And it's not just a problem in my life outside of my job... I do it at work, too. Envelope stuffing? Set up a group online? Pretty up your newsletter? Do that PowerPoint report? Oh, yeah... me! me! me!

And don't get me started on knitting... I think I'm currently moderating 3 groups on Ravelry, all of which I founded. I'm also considering organizing a local event for World Wide Knit in Public Day. Not to mention all the WIPs, UFOs, and humongous stash in my closet... ugh...

So, part of getting ready for my everything-is-possible 14 months has been clearing my calendar. Or, like what I said to hubby, "Instead of a joiner, I'm gonna be a quitter."

And, guess what? It hasn't been all that bad. Yeah, I had to stop going to some of my volunteer meetings (a joining addict's version of cold turkey) and I've had to sit on my hands (literally) but it's gotten easier the more I've done it.

I am still, however, a joiner about the things that really matter to me and that I enjoy... stuff to do with my kids and my community, and knitting, of course (that goes with the community.)

So, on to more fun stuff a/k/a more stuff I've piled on my plate...

Poison Ivy Knitters
The Sm-Albany Stitchers group has become Poison Ivy Knitters, complete with a new banner and badge.
FYI, you DO NOT have to be a graphic designer to create these things. I even created the olive and needles graphic (using MS Publisher- I don't feel totally comfortable with Pages yet.) Why Poison Ivy when poison ivy doesn't even grow around here? Well, the first CFE (Crafty Folk Empowerment) we had at Kingman's Ivy Room we were given free shots. And what were they? Poison Ivy shots! ("Kingman's own signature creation: Herradura Blanco Tequila, Pucker's Sour Apple, plus a few secret ingredients make this drink dangerously delicious."- YUM!)

What's next for the P.I.K.s? We're hoping Ivy Room-sponsored bowling shirts with our Ravelry names on them... hmmmmm...

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