Monday, June 23, 2008


"The master said: Some can study with you, but not follow the Way with you. Some can follow the Way with you, but not stand firm with you in its principles. And some can stand firm with you in its principles, but not join you in putting them into practice."
- Cong-tzu (Confucius), The Analects

As I've started my 14 month journey, I think it wise to reflect on this quote. I've been saying that my going through this program is a group effort- one that will affect everyone in my life and call on them to give me some kind of support. It is important to remember why I'm putting everyone through this as, at times, I feel it is all about me. 

We read over the syllabus today and I realized, again, the sacrifice that I am making and in the name of what? In worship of what god (with a small "g"- thanks Postman)? And who is this for? Is it really for me... to get a better job? ... to make a difference in someone's life? ... to affect change and see reform through?

And who will come with me?

That, I believe, remains to be seen. Right now, the folks in my small work group are coming with me (and my family is being dragged along.) We'll study together, but may not always agree. We'll discuss and argue. Through it all, I hope, we'll come out of this better individuals and ones who are able to work with anyone in any situation.

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Anonymous said...

I'm thinking about you! I'm looking forward to hearing about all the cool stuff you're learning!