Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Now what?

We "finished" our module on race today. OK, so we've reached the end of that part of the reader, but, honestly, that module will never be finished for any of us. It's been challenging, the talk of white privilege and generally, how messed up our society is. One person brought up that some people come to this program and get to talk about race for a week, but for people of color, it is a conversation that is ongoing. 


So, once again, I'm going to ask you all to consider where you are on the "color line". I'm developing a survey that will place folks on a line and I am hoping that you will help me in this project. When I am done with the survey, I will post a link to it, and it is my hope that you will share it with others. 

Take a stand. Think about things that are painful or make you uncomfortable. Talk about things that make people squirm. Just do it.

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