Sunday, July 6, 2008

One for the record book...

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Well, my own record book, actually.

I've managed to raise over $4000 for the fight against breast cancer, and all before the deadline. I'll walk my 60 miles in the beginning of September with my friends (Team BFF- Breast Friends Forever.)

Raising money for a worthy cause has taught me a few things about folks:
  • If you JUST ASK, the worst they can do is say "no". OK, there's much worse, I'm sure, but I haven't come across it. Not even many "no's" really. (Phew!)
  • The hardest part is asking. Once you do it a few times, it gets easier.
  • If it's a truly good cause, and it's already well-known and well-publicized, raising money is pretty easy. (Now, I wonder if I should take my fundraising know-how and pick a more difficult cause to raise for.)
  • It makes it easier on me if I can offer them something. Like a chance at winning something. Something nice... 
If you'd like to help the cause, visit my donation site at:

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