Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"... and miles to go before I sleep..."


I've got a whole lot of cranial mileage to make around this whole teaching and learning piece, not just tonight, but throughout my career. In some ways it's good to know where you stand on things, but in other ways it hurts to see that the road is long. Really freakin' long.

The other day, my eldest was saying that he is smarter than the youngest. I told him that wasn't necessarily so... he was older and had had more experiences and had more knowledge, but he wasn't necessarily smarter. Then I kicked it up a notch by telling him that I wasn't necessarily smarter than him... I just had more knowledge, BAM! had had more school, BAM! had read more books. BAM! And he STILL looked at me and FLAT OUT denied what I had said, examples and all. 

"No, Mama, you're smarter than me. Yeah, you are."

Sheesh, it starts early, this construct of smart/knowledge, prove/improve.

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