Monday, July 14, 2008

Why do people read? Part Deux

A good point that one of my classmates/colleagues made today was about why people read. He said that it was really all about communication, and that for every reader, there is a writer- someone trying to communicate something. Reading is all about attempting to make sense of the world, and the pursuit of truth. It is so much grander than phonics, decoding, comprehension, and Dick and Jane- but those things are part of it, too. 

This program has really re-energized my love of reading. I had really gotten to a point of just listening to books while I knit. Now I love reading, and I think it's because of the social aspect of it. It's like having a book club meeting every day about important and relevant topics. I think that we really need to push that part of reading to engage and encircle our disenfranchised readers who so often are kids and adults of color. 

So, I'm going to say it again... Yay! Oprah!

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